Elephant Experience

Elephant experience in the jungle is a great experience to live.

Elephant Experience in the jungle is a great experience to live

Dear Valuable guests,

For ethical reasons and as a responsible business, we have decided not to organize elephant treks anymore, instead of that we offer our guest the possibility to observe, feed and bath these friendly giants in the Sok river.

In order for you to ride an elephant, he has to go through what we call “Phajaan”, translated it means “The Crush”, it is an ancient practice done all over South East Asia. The purpose of this is to force the baby elephant to take commands, to be prepared for the tourism industry. During the “Phajaan” the baby elephant will be forced in a very narrow cage so that he cannot move and then beaten and sometimes burned for days until he shows submission to his new master.

National Geographic’s has also reported the use of spikes and nails and other sharp objects to mentally break the elephant.

900 THB per person – minimum 2 persons

Elephant Jungle Treks

Elephant Jungle Treks